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Dane County Commission on Sensitive Crimes

DV-CCR Meeting Minutes

Dane County Commission on Sensitive Crimes

Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence

January 8th 2020, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Madison Police Department South District Conference Room

825 Hughes Place, Madison, WI 53713

  1. Call to Order

  2. Present: Karen Larson, Marlys Howe, Elsa Gumm, David Bartel, Darren LeCount, Nate

    Reynolds, Faye Zemel, Phil Haslanger, Megan Mercier, Ana Price, Jim Krueger

  3. Introductions and welcome to new members & guests

  4. Review of previous month’s minutes

  5. Spotlight on Service: “DVCCR Member Involvement Refresher”

    How can we help one another? What gaps need to be filled?

    1. Nate Reynolds for Monona Police: let us know anything you think needs attention, anything we can improve upon; will share info on social media on request

    2. Marlys Howe for DA Domestic Violence Unit: police training consortiums; DA office creating DV action team (victims, witnesses, prosecutors, triaging, legal issues - all within courthouse); goal to mandate police lethality assessment; offering trainings; new regional prosecutor; Courtwatch program; looking at firearm assessment & DV mental health assessment; working on allowing victims to teleconference in to revocation hearings (alongside advocates & trauma professionals)

    3. Faye Zemel for DAIS: we lost 160K in funding; need more fundraising; started case management unit (working with clients before & after shelter); seeing good results

    4. Darren LeCount for Rainbow Project: outpatient treatment (psychotherapy) for kids up to 10 & parents; crisis stabilization program (school groups, etc); grandparent/caregiver program; group for Hispanic mothers with anxiety/depression; Coach’s Corner (helping parents support their kids); consulting with early childhood workers; Commission on Sensitive Crimes media breakfast; Trauma Summit each November Karen Larson for Youth Issues Subcommittee: giving presentations, want GAL training; we’d like GALs to be social workers; foster parent classes with Family Service and Briar Patch

    5. David Bartel for UNIDOS: we need more culturally bilingual counselors Ana Price for Deaf Unity: she is new Executive Director; also lost funding; downsized; 1 state-wide children/youth coordinator; 1 state- wide victim advocate; want to work with police about being deaf- friendly; want ongoing trainings all around state

    6. Jim Krueger for NewBridge: services for seniors 60+; case management; connecting to community resources; case manager turnover is high (challenging); need continuing education

    7. Megan Mercier: looking for more churches willing to receive DV training for leadership; spreading the word about Holism for All

6. Announcements

Annual retreat on Wednesday, February 26th from 1 - 4 PM at the Fitchburg Library

  1. Other business

  2. Subcommittee Reports

    Breaking Barriers - Working with DVCCR Leadership Circle to structure annual retreat
    Legal Issues - Looking at Preserve the Peace; trying to get judges to attend 
    Abuser Treatment & Monitoring - None
    Faith Issues - None
    Youth Issues - None

  3. Adjournment